Yooka-Laylee Guide: How To Find All Butterfly Boosters To Increase Health

As you progress through Yooka-Laylee, the enemies and the game itself, will get tougher. To ensure your survival, you will have to collect Butterfly Booster. The Butterfly Booster increase your character’s overall health, allowing you to take more damage before dying.

Collecting Butterfly boosters in very important, however, finding them can be difficult. There is one Butterfly boosters in each world, so collecting them can be hard and time consuming. There are six Butterfly Boosters in the game, and this guide will help you find every single one of them.

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How To Find All Butterfly Boosters in Yooka-Laylee:

Butterfly Boosters can be tedious to find but they are completely worth it. There is one in every world so collecting them is a lot of work.

Butterfly Booster #1:

The first Butterfly Booster is in the main game hub. During the tutorial, you will come across the Hivory towers. The area before the Towers is where the first Booster is located. You will see a pipe sticking out of a rock wall. Jump onto the pipe and then up to the rock. Once on the rock, climb up and you will be able to locate the first Butterfly Booster. You will see the first Butterfly Booster in front of you.


Butterfly Booster #2:

Before you go looking for the next Butterfly Booster, you will have to expand to the Tribalstack Tropics. Once you have expanded, head to the ramp that leads you to the Monument Mountain. When you reach the top of the ramp, move towards the right side and follow the path until you see a maze. Complete the maze and you will be rewarded with the second Butterfly Booster.

Butterfly Booster #3:

The third Butterfly Booster in Yooka-Laylee is located inside the Icymetric Castle. You will have to defeat the boss, before going to look for the Butterfly Booster. Once you defeat the boss, head to the first room, and look for a vent in the corner. Use Glide and you will reach the moving platforms. These platforms will take you to the third Butterfly Booster.

Butterfly Booster #4:

The fourth Butterfly Booster is in the Marsh, so you will have to expand to get it. When you enter the area, follow the path and move across the floating logs. Make your way to Mr. Blowy. Once you find Mr. Blowy, look for a block of ice, under the water. You will need Bubble Walk and Sonic ‘Splosion to get the Butterfly Booster from inside the block of ice.

Butterfly Booster #5:

To get the fifth Butterfly booster, players will have to travel to the Capital Cashino. Once there, players need to head to the center of the world, and look for the Butterfly booster located in mid-air, underneath the chandelier. Players will need to have Flappy Flight, or you can use the world’s Mollycool to transform yourself. Either one of the options will allow players to reach the Butterfly Booster they need.

Butterfly Booster #6:

The sixth and final Butterfly booster is in the last world called Galleon Galaxy. To get the Butterfly Booster, players will have to expand the world and then head left from the starting location. Once you come across a small planet, look for a door and go through. The door will lead players through a tube, into a maze.Complete the maze and you will be rewarded with the final Butterfly Booster.

Hopefully this guide helped you collect all six of the Butterfly Boosters. These power-ups are worth all the trouble and will make the game easier. Yooka-Laylee is now available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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