You can now stream PC Games on your Nintendo Switch using this neat program

Who would’ve thought that you could one day be able to stream games from your PC onto your Nintendo Switch? Well that’s certainly possible now thanks to a newly released homebrew program.

You’ll now be able to stream your PC Games directly onto your Switch and use the Joy-con controllers as input.

This is done using “In-Home-Switching” by jakibaki over at GBATemp, who promise the ability to play games at 60fps running at 720p with low latency under “good conditions”.

It’s pretty simple to get it working too, all you need is a hacked Switch and a PC running Windows 8 or higher. All you have to do is install some drivers on your PC and run the program, then just enter the IP Address on your Switch.

This is certainly one of the neat programs you should be trying if you have a hacked Switch. Someone now just really needs to try streaming PS Now on their PC and then streaming that the Switch to see if it works (probably doesn’t).

Thoughts on this homebrew program? Let us know in the comments below.

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