You can now use Custom Themes on a Modded Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest complaints with the Nintendo Switch’s Menu UI is that there is a huge lack of themes. This changes if you have a Modded Switch.

Homebrew enthusiasts and modders have released first Custom Themes for the Nintendo Switch.

The themes are said to be stable currently with the developer not noticing any crashes. The theme allows everything on the home screen to be recolored to any color you want. You can also use custom images for backgrounds.

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The modders found the loophole by simply opening up a system file in a hex editor. The file had different options to change colors and home menu assets. The source is also planning on releasing a home menu editor soon.

Below is the progress on Custom Themes for the Nintendo Switch:

Currently we have:

  • Custom background colors (with gradients and the ability to change corner colors)
  • Layout editing (meaning you can move things around)
  • Text editing
  • Cursor editing
  • Icon editing
  • Lockscreen color changing
  • Settings color changing


  • SX OS does not have updated layeredfs and therefore does not support qlaunch mods
  • There are no custom background images
  • A lot of things are buggy
  • The dark theme is just the light theme darkened, meaning you’ll have to pick one theme for each mod
  • Distributing the mods will be illegal unless a custom file format is introduced to patch your legally dumped qlaunch. We are currently working on this.
  • The two icon rows have broken scrolling, this is an issue we are focusing a lot of time on
  • Some things do not change color because they are their own application

Thoughts on the Custom Themes? Do you want Nintendo to introduce the ability to customize the Menu UI in a future update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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