Your computer: Your Best Ally for Playing Online Poker

Most online poker software works very easily on any computer. Online poker sites do their utmost to make their software compatible with even the dustiest computers to maximize their market share.

Innovations Will Allow you to Optimize your Gaming Sessions

There are some features that are especially important for big players. The size of the screen for example, to be able to play in multi-tables, or even mobility, since most poker players travel a lot. In recent years, several innovations will allow you to optimize your gaming sessions. First and foremost, the switch from hard drive to SSD. The SSD allows you to load everything much faster, and that obviously includes poker clients.

Go for Windows

Overall, you are going to have to go for Windows. Sorry for Apple fans, but things might get trickier for you as some sites haven’t adapted their client to OSX yet. So at best you will have to play on a less elaborate version in the browser, at worst you will not be able to play at all. As for Chromebooks, they are very inexpensive but are far from ideal for playing poker, since you will only be able to play in your browser. In addition, the screen size is important. It all depends on how many tables you can manage at a time.

If you are used to playing at ten tables, a 17-inch laptop may be sufficient. It’s obviously far from ideal in terms of mobility, so a 14-15 inch can be a good compromise as well. However, 13-inch computers are usually too small unless you’re only playing two or three tables at a time. Also keep in mind that high resolution is very useful for online poker or even for playing FIFA: you will be able to see much more detail on a 15-inch screen with 1080p resolution.

What Characteristics to Consider?

There are some features that do not add much: touch screen (the touchpad is much more efficient), DVD player (quite an overkill these days, in addition to considerably weighing down the machine) and a graphic card that’s too powerful. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the processor, the RAM (allow at least 4GB of RAM), the battery (at least four hours of autonomy is necessary, in the event of electrical problems) and the hard drive. Indeed, you do not need a large hard drive to play poker (128 GB can be sufficient) but we suggest that you opt for an SSD, which allows the machine to be considerably accelerated.

Choose Your Online Poker Site

Now that you have found your computer, all you need to do is find your online poker site. There is a rich and varied offer on the web where everyone can find the perfect match to suit their level and preferences. The UK remains one of the best places in the world to play poker online. With a fully licensed and regulated market, poker players have access to a wide variety of poker sites that rank among the best poker sites uk. Poker software accessible from your computer, tablet or phone is visible on the first Google results, that is, it uses a great SEO strategy. As for live poker matches, some sites organize their own events and others are partners of major poker festivals. In both cases, online qualification possibilities are possible with entry fees accessible for very small budgets, giving everyone the opportunity to qualify for a major event. And then you don’t have to be content with just one site, you might as well study the different software, the level of the players and organize your games program according to your preferences and objectives.

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