YouTube announces YouTube Gaming, Livestreaming solution for Games

YouTube has just announced YouTube Gaming, their Livestreaming solution for Gamers. YouTube Gaming is set to compete directly with Twitch after their buyout deal fell through last year.

YouTube Gaming will be launched in both App and Website forms this Summer and will focus on Livestreaming Games. YouTube has offered Livestreaming for quite some time now but Gamers prefer Twitch which is catered towards Gamers and their specific requirements.


YouTube Gaming is set to give over 25,000 games their dedicated pages where viewers can browse to find the stream they want to watch. Streams can be up to 60fps and YouTube will even allow content creators to convert livestreams into YouTube videos for their channels. Standard features like Subscriptions will also be available.

Competition is always nice and it will be great to see how YouTube Gaming and Twitch go up against each other, they’re already at it on Twitter:


What do you think of YouTube Gaming? Could it be a better solution for gamers than Twitch? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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