This YouTube user claims he already has retail Xbox One; shows unboxing video [Update]

Apparently a wild YouTube user has appeared. Not only he has managed to find himself with Xbox One, a retail version devkit to be exact; he also claims to own some of the games and says that he will upload the videos soon. The video does seem legit for sure.

The description on his video reads

Hey guys got xbox one so i thought i would upload a video of me unboxing it hope you enjoy. If you have any question just ask me in the comments or if there is anything in particular you would like me to do. Stay awesome and see more cool stuff SUBSRCRIBE

You can check out his unboxing video below

Seems like YouTube account has been taken down. We have updated the links with the Dailymotion backup.

He has posted another video in which he shows the Xbox One Headset and Controller close-up. Check it out below

So how exactly he got his hands on the retail console devkit? We have no idea for now. We will update this story once we know more.

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Update: Sorry for the earlier misconception of calling this a retail unit. This one seems to be a dev kit and is certainly not a retail unit. But the stuff he showed is definitely close to what we will get in retail version.

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