YouTuber Reveals New Info For Bungie’s Destiny

A YouTuber known as MoreConsole has revealed new information regarding Bungie’s upcoming futuristic RPG game known as Destiny. The new information reveals the Classes, Weapons, Supers,Armors, Focuses and more. This YouTuber previously revealed game modes for Destiny as well.

There are six different classes for players to choose between and each class has their own unique style or “Focus” which will basically determine your playing style as you can play offensive, defensive or supportive according to the class you choose, and the core ability of every focus is called the “super” which will be your ultimate offensive attack or your ultimate defensive ability, or an ability which will support you and your team mates and give you the upper hand. You can build up your super by collecting orbs which player drop when they use their super. So teamwork is essential and it is better to stay together and work as a team to succeed. Players will not be limited to a single focus per class so they will be able to upgrade their focus through the in-game upgrade menu and according to the video on ManyConsole’s channel, Focuses have eight levels of upgrades.

Destiny Super

Players will get six classes, each with it’s very own focus. The classes are given below:

  • Striker codex, Super = Fist of Havoc (Offensive Class)
  • Defender codex, Super = Ward of Dawn AKA Void Barrier (Defensive Class)
  • Gunslinger, Super = Golden Gun (all-out offensive)
  • Edgewalker, Super = Arc Blade (single strike melee focus)
  • Order of the void, Super = Nova Bomb (ranged offensive)
  • Order of the sun, Super = Radiance (support and buff focus)

Like in every FPS, Guns are an important part of Destiny and the weapons in the game are very different from other games. Players will be able to modify their guns to their liking and upgrade them as well as break them down. The customisation is limitless as you will be able to make guns from scratch or add parts to your favorite gun to make it even more deadly. You can also customise your gun to have elemental effects like thermal, arc and void, which will further increase your weapons damage and the best part is, the more you use your weapon, the deadlier it becomes.

Destiny hunter super golden gun

Players can also customise their armour to make them look more devastating and unique. You can choose between five types of armours which are Head, Chest, Arms, Legs, and Class and every piece of armour can be upgraded and customised to your liking. Armours will also have secondary qualities for example, some will improve your movement speed or some will reduce headshot damage and so on. There are also class specific armour pieces like the Hunter’s cape, Titan’s decorative waist band and Warlock’s arm band.

Hunter Warlock and Titan

When you’re out exploring Destiny’s universe, you might come across special items called Engrams which are called unidentified magic items by those who have played the game. These magical items need to be decoded by a character known as the Cryptarch and after it is decoded, you will be able to use them.

Destiny sounds like a better game every time we hear it’s name. The highly anticipated RPG shooter will be playable at E3 so we will find out a lot more about the game before it comes out on the 9th of September for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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