Zero Time Dilemma Vita vs. 3DS Screenshot Comparison Shows Staggering Difference

Zero Time Dilemma is the sequel to Zero Escape series, which is a cult classic series among fans that originally released on the Nintendo DS and was later ported to Smartphones. The sequel to the original was released on the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS and the latest game in the series is following the same trend, but what about the difference between both versions of the game.

Gematsu has found screenshots from both version of the game which give us a glimpse at what to expect from each of the platform. As it turns out, there is a huge gulf between the Nintendo 3DS version and the PS Vita version of Zero Time Dilemma. You can see the screenshot comparison below. Top is PS Vita while Bottom is Nintendo 3DS.

ZTD-Screens_04-07-16_001 ZTD-Screens_04-07-16_002 ZTD-Screens_04-07-16_003 ZTD-Screens_04-07-16_004 ZTD-Screens_04-07-16_005 ZTD-Screens_04-07-16_006

Honestly speaking, it looks surprising to me to see the huge difference between both versions here. The game looks like a completely different game art style wise on the Nintendo 3DS while the PS Vita clearly matches the original art style as intended for the game. Nevertheless, if you are stuck with the Nintendo 3DS, you can still enjoy the game for what it is intended.

Zero Time Dilemma is currently confirmed for a release on June 28 for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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