Zone of the Enders sequel put on hold, development team dismantled

During the recent HideoBlog web radio show, Hideo Kojima announced that the Enders’ Project has been put on hold. He also announced that the team working on it has been disbanded, and he is currently re-evaluating the relevance of the franchise.

Furthermore, Kojima expressed disappointment in the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, citing performance issues as a hindrance to its enjoyment. However, he also mentioned that his team has successfully re-programmed the game, and the Playstation 3 version will soon be receiving a patch that significantly enhances performance. Currently, there are no plans to bring the patch to the Xbox 360, but this may change eventually.

The Zone of the Enders sequel was announced at a series focused event in May 2012 in Japan where Kojima announced that the game was still in it’s prototype phase and was being developed on the studios’ much acclaimed Fox Engine.

A definite release date for the title update has not been announced as yet. This is devastating news I know, let’s hope Kojima revives the game like he did with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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